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Illustrations & Icons

Daft Branded Illustrations

In accordance with our Brand Guidelines, ensure that you're using the Daft-branded Illustrations below. These illustrations have been specifically created for the Daft brand and should be used before any iconography, depending on the use case. 

Daft Branded Icons

When creating a sales presentation or a B2B product, please refer to the Daft style icons below. To save the asset you need to right click on the chosen icon and open it on a new tab. Then right click and save.

Asset 25_5x.png
Asset 24_5x.png
Asset 27_5x.png
Asset 26_5x.png
Asset 21_5x.png
Asset 22_5x.png
Asset 20_5x.png
Asset 19_5x.png
Asset 18_5x.png
Asset 23_5x.png
Asset 15_5x.png
Asset 17_5x.png
Asset 16_5x.png
Asset 34@3x.png
Asset 35.png

Accessibility Note

The branded icons are used mostly on presentation pitches, brochures, banners, microsites and any other collateral material. Use them wisely, not too small to a point where viewers wouldn't be able to recognise what they are or not too big that they dominate a page. They should support the accompanying text not overshadow it.

Daft Mortgages Icons

Use these icons for the Daft Mortgages social post. You can find the template to those on the template page. To download, click on the icon of your choice and select the Download icon in the middle of the icon to save it on your computer.

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